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Visitation Agreements in Baton Rouge

Do you want to establish or modify your visitation agreement?

During the process of a divorce or legal separation, the most important choices you make will involve your children. Once child custody has been worked out, one parent may end up with legal custody, while the other is granted visitation rights. This arrangement works well until one parent suddenly finds the time he or she is able to spend with the children have become fewer and farther between due to constant schedule changes.

If you are a parent that has been denied visitation of your child, despite the fact that the right is included in your custody agreement, you should contact a lawyer immediately. At The Layfield Law Firm, Beau Layfield will continuously do all that he can to ensure the needs of his client and the children involved are being met.

Legal Access to Your Children

During a divorce, working out the aspects of child custody is never an easy process, and usually takes a lot of time and patience to finalize an agreement that works for both parents. The interests of the child always come first, and, as a parent, you want to spend as much time with your child as possible.

When you are denied your legal right to visitation, whether due to vindictiveness or as a result of constant changes in an ex-spouse's schedule, you can feel hurt and alone. If you are not the parent with physical custody of your child, you may feel like your rights do not matter. Whether you have physical custody or not, you have the right as a parent to demand the visitation you were granted in the original child custody agreement.

If your ex-spouse has denied you the right to see your child, call Beau Layfield right away so he can help. He handles each case personally and when you retain the services of Beau Layfield, you will get Beau Layfield and no one else handling your case. He will work with you to regain your deserved visitation rights.