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Modifications to Spousal Support

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After a divorce is final and all the decisions have been made, including those regarding spousal support, it may feel like all the drama is over. However, life often gives us those little surprises we don't anticipate. Likewise, sometimes an agreement that was once workable is no longer a viable option, so you are left wondering how to proceed and what steps the process will entail.

Whether you are the person receiving support and now need to request more financial support, or you are the person providing support and need the amount adjusted for unforeseen circumstances, contacting a competent attorney is the first step. At The Layfield Law Firm, Beau Layfield has helped many families in similar situations. He knows the compassion and understanding it takes to ensure that all parties get the resolution they need.

How to Modify Your Support Order

There are many factors that can lead to the need to change a previous spousal support agreement. In order for a judge to consider a modification, there must be a proven change of circumstances, such as:

  • Remarriage of supported spouse
  • Loss of job by supporting spouse
  • Medical issues of supporting spouse or of supported spouse
  • Change in available assets of supporting spouse
  • Supported spouse is cohabitating with a member of either sex as married persons

Each situation is different and the list above is only representative of a small example of what could be considered a significant change of circumstances. If you feel it is time for a spousal support modification, you will need a competent attorney to guide you through the process and ensure your personal needs are being met. Beau Layfield never passes his clients off to an associate. When you hire Beau Layfield, you get Beau Layfield working on your case.

Contact a Baton Rouge spousal support lawyer right away if you or your spouse have come across a significant change of circumstance and would like to seek a modification to a previous support agreement.