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If you are filing for divorce and are unable to reach an agreement with your spouse regarding some or all of the terms of the separation, it is recommended you consult with an attorney right away. The Layfield Law Firm is available to provide assistance in all aspects of the divorce process from distribution of marital assets to establishing child support terms.

Beau Layfield has assisted individuals in many different divorce situations, which has given him the experience necessary to increase your chances of success in your case. Beau is available immediately to represent you, and will work diligently to pursue the outcome that meets your terms.

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About Contested Divorce in Baton Rouge

A divorce begins when one spouse files a petition in a court of law asking to have their marriage dissolved. The petition requests that the court legally end the marriage. The petition may also ask the court to settle issues related to the divorce, including those related to any children involved. When the two spouses involved cannot come to an agreement on these issues, the divorce is referred to as "contested", and is usually resolved by way of a trial.

When your divorce is contested, you can expect the court will dictate the manner in which your case is resolved. To a large extent, this can take away your decision-making capabilities, which may result in a lesser chance of obtaining a favorable conclusion. By hiring a competent attorney, you improve your chances of achieving terms that better serve the needs of you and your family. An experienced family law and divorce attorney will utilize their skill in courtroom litigation to fight for you and the outcome you desire. Beau Layfield offers a free case evaluation to all new potential clients, so call to discuss your case today.

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