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Enforcing Child Support

What If Your Ex-Spouse Doesn't Pay?

Enforcement of child support is a major legal topic in Baton Rouge. All too often, after the divorce is finalized, the parent ordered to pay child support by the court doesn't live up to his or her legal or moral duty to provide for the child. In some cases, the divorce occurred due to domestic violence and the abused parent may feel incapable of getting the child support order enforced on their own.

Regardless of the specific circumstances, falling behind on child support payments, paying less than the assigned amount or not paying child support at all is a violation of a court order. It is strongly advisable that you seek the aid of a legal professional to assure you are receiving the money needed to care for your child.

How to Ensure that Your Children are Supported

The Layfield Law Firm is fully prepared to help you receive enforcement of your child support order. Beau Layfield has extensive experience in family law and will work tirelessly to help you navigate the legal system.

There are several methods provided by the State of Louisiana to enforce a child support order, which include wage garnishment, suspension of motor vehicle registration, and even a contempt of court hearing. It may be possible to recover attorney fees and other costs in such proceedings. Beau will work vigorously to ensure your ex-spouse provides his or her share of the cost for your child's livelihood.

In the case where the court-ordered parent simply cannot financially keep up with the payments, he can help negotiate a legal child support modification ensuring you receive as much support possible to provide for your child. Contact our firm today for compassionate legal help.