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Child Support Modifications in LA

Baton Rouge Child Support Lawyer

There are different reasons why a child support agreement might need to be modified in the years after a divorce. In some cases, there may be a major change in the needs of the child, such as a new illness that requires special treatment or tuition for a private school. These as well as other circumstances mean additional support will be necessary to provide for the child.

Depending on the type of custody one parent has, for example, the child lives with one parent most of the time and that parent now finds it difficult to keep up the financial demands of raising the child, the court could order the non-custodial parent to become responsible for a larger share of the financial burden. Another common reason for a child support modification is due to one parent receiving a large raise, which would allow that parent to contribute more financially for the child's support.

Whether you are the parent unable to manage the current child support payments or you are the custodial parent that needs additional financial support from your ex-spouse, you need to call a legal professional to pursue a legal modification. Even if your ex-partner is willing to modify the agreement outside of court, there can be legal penalties for violating the original court order. Changes cannot be enforced without an official modification.

Modifying Court Orders

At The Layfield Law Firm, Beau Layfield knows that whatever your circumstances, you want the best for your child. If you can't afford to pay for everything that your child needs, Beau will take full advantage of all resources available to help you get a modification to your current child support agreement.

It is important that neither parent is so overburdened they fall into financial distress and require enforcement to pay support. However, both parents should still provide as much as they are able to for the health and happiness of their child. The Louisiana legal system recognizes this and it may be possible to get a modification that will work well for all parties.

Beau will work efficiently to help you get the changes needed with minimal stress and speed, so that you and your child can move forward with as little concern over money as possible. Contact our experienced lawyer today for a consultation!