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Modifications to Child Custody

Baton Rouge Child Custody Attorney

Nothing in life ever stays the same and sometimes an arrangement that was once workable, is no longer appropriate to the current situation. You may have a situation where a child custody agreement may have been perfect for all parties involved at one time; however, one of life's little surprises came along and has made it necessary to make changes. People can lose their job, find it necessary to move for one reason or another, or have medical issues that pop up without warning.

When life throws a curve ball and you find it necessary to change an existing child custody agreement, contact an attorney experience in family law matters to get this process started. At The Layfield Law Firm, Beau Layfield is dedicated to helping families through these complicated and often difficult times. Beau is committed to do whatever he can to help make this process go as smoothly as possible.

After a divorce is finalized and all the decisions are made, it can feel like all the dust has settled, which can result in divorced couples getting comfortable with each other and making small adjustments to custody agreements. When everyone is getting along, it may feel unnecessary to go through the hassle of making these changes official through the appropriate legal channels.

This situation works fine until old wounds are opened and tempers flare. Even though one party may have thought the relationship was relaxed and friendly, that party may suddenly be faced with an angry ex-spouse threatening to go to court for violating a child custody agreement.

Regardless of whether you and your ex-partner are usually the type of couple to work out issues agreeably on your own or the type that can't be in the same room together, it's a better option to seek legal counsel when modifying child custody agreements. By working with Beau, you will get the benefit of his plentiful experience in helping other parents in your situation. Contact our firm today!