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If you are seeking the resolution of a legal issue between yourself and a spouse or another family member, it is advised you contact a family law and divorce attorney today. Beau Layfield provides comprehensive legal services in family law cases throughout the Baton Rouge area.

His approach is one of personal attention and focus on every case. He devotes all resources to pursue outcomes that are beneficial to his clients' specific needs. He is available to assist you in your family law case, and will work diligently to maximize your chance of obtaining the results you desire.

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The best way to avoid the discomfort and/or disruption that often accompany divorce matters and issues related to family law is to secure sound legal representation. With the help of an attorney, you can confidently take action to obtain the marital agreement, divorce settlement or post-divorce modification you need relating to family law matters. The Layfield Law Firm is prepared to assist you with all of your legal matters, from standard to the most complex issues.

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This Baton Rouge family law attorney takes on cases that include:

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Family law can be very complex, especially in cases that become contentious. With a court often deciding where your child will live and what property will be left to you following a separation, it is vital that you have an attorney who can guide you through each step of the process.

A Baton Rouge divorce attorney with years of experience can help you seek resolutions that will be in your best interests and in the best interests of your loved ones.

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