Blog Posts in January, 2014

  • How Long Does an Uncontested Divorce Take in Louisiana?

    || 16-Jan-2014

    An uncontested divorce is defined as a divorce in which marital assets and debt ownership is not debated, both parties agree on divorce, and custody and visitation rights are agreeable to both spouses. This type of divorces can still be complicated and it is within an individual's best interest to hire a Baton Rouge divorce attorney to prepare a Divorce Agreement and file the proper paperwork. ...
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  • What is Louisiana "103 Divorce?"

    || 13-Jan-2014

    Louisiana Civil Code Article 103 allows couples who have been living apart for specific periods of time to file a divorce petition and get a final Judgment of Divorce signed by the court in a relatively short period of time. (Potentially within a month or so) Article 103 allows for "no fault" and "fault" based divorces. The no-fault 103 divorce allows couples who have already ...
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  • Is Keri Russell Heading Toward An Uncontested Divorce?

    || 9-Jan-2014

    It was recently learned that Keri Russell, whom Baton Rouge readers may know from the hit FX series "The Americans," had separated from her husband of seven years. Apparently, Russell and Shane Deary separated over the summer, but news of their split only recently broke. Russell and Deary, who met when he did contracting work on her New York City residence, wed on Valentine's Day ...
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  • Uncontested Divorces And The Division of Assets

    || 8-Jan-2014

    Regardless of whether you have been married a year or a decade, divorce is always a painful decision. According to a US Census Bureau study, Louisiana divorce rates are nearly 50 percent of overall marriage rates. If we're honest about it, not all divorces are contentious. Sometimes marriage simply does not work out and parties agree to go their separate ways. In many of these cases, the ...
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  • Uncontested Divorce Requirements in Louisiana

    || 3-Jan-2014

    If you are considering a divorce in Louisiana, a Baton Rouge Divorce Lawyer can help you sort through the division of assets such as the family home, jointly owned businesses, and retirement or savings benefits. Uncontested Divorce Requirements In Louisiana, a married couple does not need to claim grounds for divorce. A couple without children must simply have lived apart or separately for 180 ...
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